Windshield Repair or Replacement

Every time you sit behind the wheel, your windshield is right in front of you- but do you really pay any attention to it? Most drivers do not. But if your windshield is hit by a rock chip while driving, the crack that appears make the windshield suddenly assume importance! Even then, unless the damage is right in the line of vision, most of us still tend to neglect it and postpone getting it fixed for as long as possible. However, not only can a damaged windscreen hamper your vision, it can also put your safety at risk. Which is why, when you do finally get around to getting a windshield repair or replacement, you should ensure you do it right!

If your windscreen glass is damaged, it will behave in a different manner than damaged glass elsewhere on the vehicle. It will not shatter into tiny pieces, because of its laminated construction. Your windshield is like a sandwich- it has two layers of glass, with a bonding later of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between. Not only does it protect you from the elements, but in a severe collision, an intact, properly installed windshield is all-important to the airbag deployment and also prevents the occupants from being ejected out of the vehicle. It also contributes to the structural rigidity and prevents the roof from collapsing in the event of a rollover. So even though a small rock chip may seem to be only a cosmetic annoyance, your safety rides on car windshield repair or replacement done the right way. A thumb rule says that if the damage is less wide than the diameter of a quarter and shorter than a dollar bill in length, it can usually be repaired, provided it is not located on the edge of the screen or directly in front of the drivers vision. A windshield repair is very quick and when carried out by an expert is almost invisible.

In case the damage is larger or located in the driver’s line of sight, a full windshield replacement is advised. To carry this out, the technician must cut through the adhesive around the existing framework and remove the damaged windshield. He will then thoroughly inspect, clean and prepare the pinch weld area around the opening, apply fresh urethane adhesive and set the new glass in place. You will also need to wait for a minimum of an hour for the urethane to cure and properly set before you drive away.

Regardless of whether you require a windshield repair or a replacement, do not postpone it for too long. Call on the Auto Glass Oakville team for a no obligation quote right away!

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